Start Ugly

Welcome to our second Digging Deeper Vlog episode!

How long have you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get started? How long have you been waiting for life to calm down? What if we didn’t have to wait? What if we could start right now, just as we are?

What happens if we start ugly? What’s the worst that could happen? Are we stuck with that level forever? No! I can promise you that my 20-year Life Vision has evolved SEVERAL times and now looks almost NOTHING like my original version from 15 years ago. But what if I had never started it? What if I had waited until my path was all clear? I could very possibly still be exactly where I was way back then, waiting for the green light.

I challenge you: start today. Own your ugly!

3 thoughts on “Start Ugly

  1. Chaya, luv, luv the vlog and sooo glad you are back offering the Digging Deeper message with a new focus. Just want to let you know I respect your following aTorah based life. The sun glasses on your head are for me, very distracting….seriously you have them on in nearly every picture…

    Love you, loose the glasses on you head; they’re ugly…LOL.


    1. Oh my gosh, this comment actually made me laugh out loud!! I use my sunglasses as a headband during the day and actually forget they’re on my head. I will try my best to remember to take them off, although I can’t make any promises!! 😉 XOXO


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