Affirmations Experiment!

Affirmations are like air for me. I breathe them subconsciously and have been using them religiously for years. I update them roughly twice per year, or with any major changes to my life and goals. At the moment my Affirmations Sheet has 52 statements. I aim to internalize them three times per day (morning, noon, and night). I recorded myself saying them on my phone with high energy (making them more powerful as “incantations” instead of plain boring, emotionless statements) and play them back to myself while reading along, visualizing, and FEELING them to the best of my ability. (The only sense I haven’t figured out how to engage yet is taste, short of eating the paper.)

But for the next two months, I am going to try a different approach and assess if perhaps I’ll get different results. I’ve taken all 52 statements (which I love) and picked out 5 umbrella statements that encapsulate all the rest. 4 of them describe my desired states and 1 of them is very specific with numbers and dates to define whether or not I hit my mark. Instead of saying each one three times throughout the day, my plan is to say them several hundred times throughout the day, since they’re so short and easy.

I am very curious to see if I’ll notice a major difference. READY, SET, GO!!!!

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