Are your DREAMS & your KIDS aligned?!

Mom, Dreamer, Doer

It’s been said that our living small serves no one.

Have you ever stopped and wondered how it affects our kids?

How do our kids see us living every day? Are we living out loud, becoming our best self in technicolor?

Or is our voice getting lost in the shuffle of daily life? We know our kids are watching…but are we LIVING like they’re watching?

What if we started to live EACH DAY like a love letter to our kids? What if our daily pursuit of excellence (or mediocrity!) became the blue print by which our children live by in the future?

What if they learn to love by watching how WE love OURSELVES and the cards we’ve been dealt? What if they learn to be happy by watching how we live with (or without) a daily decision of joy.

Guess what: whether we like it or not, THIS IS HOW LIFE WORKS.

So what if we choose to recommit with a fresh dose of purpose, passion, and joy TODAY?!

You are one decision away from the person you want to be.

Let’s do this!



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2 thoughts on “Are your DREAMS & your KIDS aligned?!

  1. I looooove this post! Once I learned this perspective I’ve tried my best to be the example of what it LOOKS like to have a healthy, peaceful, and happy life for my daughter to see. Thank you for this post and reminder. 💚


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