90-Day Blitz

Intro Video

Watch this video to decide if this 90-Day blitz is right for you. We conducted this blitz LIVE in Q4 2019, and I ran a “casting call” to find 10 people to run with me who were extremely hungry for massive growth and willing to rise above the daily drama for 90 consecutive days.


This will not be therapy or counseling. It will be a lot of strategic mental work combined with massive action. You must be willing to exercise time-management, focus, boundaries, discipline, and accountability. It will not be for the casual, curious participant.

Details Video

The full 411 on EXACTLY what will be required & expected of our Inner Tribe Members during our 90-Day Blitz! Do you have a crazy, insane urge to put forth all-out-massive effort to totally catapult your life to a new level of abundance & excellence?? Then, this may be the spot for you…check it out and let me know!

How to Set Your Goals for the 90-Day Blitz!

This video will walk you through the goal-setting process for the 90-Day Blitz. You will need to print the Long-Term Life Vision chart below.

Love you!! XO, Chaya

Group Coaching Session #1: Getting Started!

Group Coaching Session #2: Our Fears, Anchors, & Top 3 Limitations

Group Coaching Session #3: Time-Management Triage

Click here for a Weekly Planning Sheet template.

Group Coaching Session #4: Life as a CHAMPION!

Group Coaching Session #5: Self-Care for Work/Life Harmony!

Group Coaching Session #6: Knowing How & When to Upskill Yourself

Group Coaching Session #7: Feel the Vibration! (Why We’re not Manifesting what we say Want.)

Group Coaching Session #8: Family First! (How to Make Sure the Whole Family Takes the Journey Together)

Group Coaching Session #9: Boundaries (The Invisible Borders that Will Make or Break You!)

Group Coaching Session #10: Self-Mastery (Who Motivates a Champion?)

Group Coaching Session #11: Ready, Fire, Aim! (Start Ugly & Ship)