Strategy digging deeper

Are you a strategic thinker? Would you like to be? When you think of strategy, what comes to mind? The formal definition reads “a carefully devised plan of action to achieve a goal”. How many of you think of war tactics at the mention of strategy? That was the dictionary’s secondary definition of the word […]

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Get Your Family On Board!

Welcome back to our weekly Vlog! This edition is a follow-up to last week’s 90-Day Blitz Group Coaching Session called “Family First“, where we focused on How to Make Sure the Whole Family Takes the Journey Together. Today, I’m sharing 3 keys to help you unlock the door to powerful conversations with your family and […]

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Let’s talk about the L word today: leadership. It’s interesting how that one word can conjure up so many different thoughts, emotions, and reactions in different people. I would venture to guess that some of you reading my words at this very moment are doing a quick scan of the contents before you hit the […]

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Personal Growth Plan

Last week we discussed the two-step dance of character development and performance.  And as we wrapped up, I promised that we would tackle the mission of putting together our very own customized plan for personal growth.  Are you ready to dive in?  Today we’re going to create your very own Personal Growth Plan! We’re going […]

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Character vs. Performance

sprouting branch character vs performance

WOW!  We are now inside of 90 days left in this decade!!  Have you stopped to think about that!?  Can you remember where you were, who you were, and what you were doing at the end of 1999?  What were your dreams, ambitions, and goals?  What was your main focus?  How much has changed since […]

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War Week Implementation Schedule

Today is a follow-up from last week’s explanation of War Week: blocking out a set chunk of time to massively wage war on the mediocrity of your own life.  After last week’s general explanation of the process, we’ve now made it to the nitty gritty, make-it-or-break-it segment of our War Week discussion! Have you made […]

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War Week!

It’s time for WAR WEEK! I received a flurry of responses from you last week which motivates me in ways you can’t imagine, and I’m thrilled to hear that you are ready to wage war on mediocrity in your own life right along with me! Many of you have been asking me to share this […]

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Have you ever hit a season of massive introspection?  Maybe it’s something that comes slowly with age.  Maybe it’s a personality thing.  Maybe the desire to self-reflect comes as a result of life events.  Or maybe it’s a combination of all the above.  My first round of really looking deep within came as a result […]

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you got this obedience to self

Can we discuss a deep topic today? Obedience. Yikes. Why is it such a heavy word? Perhaps because of the negative connotations and childhood memories it sparks. Obedience to our parents and teachers as children usually meant going against our own personal desires. As adults, obedience to our bosses and other authorities, like traffic laws […]

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Three Steps Forward…

three steps forward personal excellence

Do you ever feel like your life is following the pattern from the old phrase “three steps forward and two steps back”? This week I came across a very special tracking sheet that I used eleven years ago, and it had this phrase written in my hand-writing in magic marker across the top.  It was […]

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